Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have I done any good?

All last week I had been feeling pretty down. I felt as if I were in a rut and that I was just going to be stuck there forever. I then began to ask myself "Have I done any good?". I forgot about it for a while and began to clean our office. When I began going through our little filing cube the question came back to me "Have I done any good?" I began to find greeting cards from friends and family, old mission letters from friends, invitations for all kinds of special occasions, and even awards. Memories began to flood my mind and I knew I had done good. I am not writing this to toot my own horn or anything but to serve as help for myself. I want to be able to come back to this post when I am truly feeling down and remember that I have made a difference. I have helped 4 friends with the decision to go on a mission. One of those four I even helped them turn their life around so as they could serve a mission. I helped to raise money for cancer research by doing the Relay for Life. I have tutored jr. high students. My friends have all faced difficult situations and I have been able to lift them when they are down or make them see their worth. I have helped them to be proud of who they are and what their differences may be. So, hopefully for those of you who took the time to read this, you will remember the good that you have done.

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