Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life as we know it

So, sorry it has taken me forever to post again (4 months isn't too bad). We got the house! I know the excitement of that statement is not as exciting as it was back in May when we moved in but still, how exciting! It is the biggest move we have made in our lives. We have a great neighborhood with tons of little kids. Everyone is super friendly is willing to give you the shirt off of their back if you needed it. I absolutely love it up here!!! Next year we are going to do a bunch of projects out in the yard like putting in some flower beds, taking care of the cherry tree, leveling the backyard, and even putting in some more sprinklers. Yay for fun outdoor stuff!!!

A month after we moved in we decided that we needed to get a puppy. It was a Thursday and I was off from work. I decided to check out the puppies on KSL.com. I was looking for a cute beagle or something like that but knew that Dan really liked basset hounds. Thirty-seven pages in I found a litter of the cutest basset hounds. I knew I could get Dan to cave so as soon as I showed him he fell in love with them. I talked him into calling on them and...well...the rest is history. We decided to name our pup Digger. For some reason he just looked like a Digger. He is now 4 months old and we have had him for 3 months. He is a very curious, mischievous little dog. We love him though. He is spoiled rotten as he should be. I get the most havoc from family members because I treat him as if he is my child ( I bought him a swimming pool and am currently looking at a hoodie and a Halloween costume for him). That's okay though, he knows he is loved.

Digger at 6 weeks (When we first got him)

Digger and Mom playing in his pool

Bath Time!! (9 weeks old)

How Odd!!

Veggin' Out (14 weeks)

Other than that, life is the same. Dan and I are still working for the same companies and keeping an eye out for other opportunities as we graduate in less than a year. (We only have approximately 11 more classes until we are done. Wa hoo!!!!) Hopefully something will turn up before graduation. Well, that is about all for now. I will post again sometime soon (before 4 months go by). Promise.

P.S. I should have pics of the house up soon as well. :)