Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moving day , Moving day, we can't wait 'til moving day!!

So, the loan has been approved and the previous owners have moved out. We will be closing this week and moving by this weekend. We are so grateful that Monday is a holiday because that gives us time to move and unpack. I am running around crazy packing things up. I hope that I am not driving my hubby crazy.(Honestly, I think he was crazy before me. Lol. Just kidding!)

I can't believe this day is almost here. I am going to miss living out here in the country. I will miss almost hitting chickens and turkeys daily. I will miss the occasional racoon in the middle of the dark road and the skunks running out in front of my car and also creeping down into the ditch out front. I will miss the deer wandering around. I will miss the cows mooing, chicken clucking,and geese honking late at night and keeping me awake. I know this sounds like I really won't miss this but honestly I will. There is so much peace and beauty down here. I wish we didn't have to go back to the city!

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